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Single Figure Nude on Cream

by Elissa Barber
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Elissa Barber explores the possibilities of the single, continuous gestural line and its ability to articulate the physical form, evoke emotion and depth with limited information. Simple, elegant linework connects abstracted figures as both a direct reflection of her own personal visual vocabulary and an attempt to relate to a more universal shared experience. Barber’s work explores themes of human connection and captures the connections and warmth in our relationships with one another and ourselves.

  • Original Drawing
  • Size: 22"x 30"

Elissa has created line-based art in various disciplines including analogue printmaking (specializing in monotype and lithography) painting and drawing for over 15 years. A passion for all things design has informed her aesthetic which blends timeless, effortless elegance with modern femininity. She currently resides in Hamilton, ON with her husband and young daughter.