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Morandi's Objects
Morandi's Objects Morandi's Objects

Morandi's Objects

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In Spring 2015, the photographer Joel Meyerowitz sat at the work table in Giorgio Morandi’s Bologna home, in the exact spot where the painter had sat for over 40 years making his quiet, sublime still lifes. Here Meyerowitz looked at, touched, studied and connected with the more than 250 objects that Morandi painted. Using only the warm natural light in the room, he photographed Morandi’s objects: vases, shells, pigment-filled bottles, silk flowers, tins, funnels, watering cans. In the photographs, each object sits on Morandi’s table, which still bears the marks the painter drew to set the positions of his subjects.

  • By Joel Meyerowitz
  • Hardcover 116 pages
  • Publisher: Damiani, September 2016
  • English
  • Size: 10.2" x 0.8" x 12.8"