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Black Footed Bowl

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Ash Five Foot vessels are turned and shaped from Ash wood, sourced from arborists within the Devon landscape.  The initial forms are turned whilst the timber is fresh and easier to carve before the rough forms are then set into a wood kiln which allows the wood to dry and begin settle into it’s natural contours. When the vessels have reached an ambient moisture content they are taken back to the lathe to be shaped to their final dimensions and the feet then carved and finished by hand. The final and dramatic finishing is Shou Sugi Ban; an ancient Japanese process of preserving wood with fire which transforms the colouring from pale tones to a matte jet black finish. The charred surface is wire brushed to enhance the grain and then sealed.

  • Made by Arbor 
  • Made from Oakwood
  • Size - 5.5" H, 12" W

Maintaining and cleaning your wood product is easy; simply hand wash or wipe after use with warm soapy water. Avoid leaving in water or dishwashing as this will significantly weaken and damage your product. Unlike metal or plastic, wood is naturally antibacterial and after a light wash will neutralise 99% of remaining bacteria after 24 hours.