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Bougie Apothecaire Black Champaka

Bougie Apothecaire Black Champaka

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Poured and shaped by hand in the South of France, Mad et Len's distinguished vessels filled with natural wax candles feature original, evocative scents made in Grasse, France. Artisanally produced, the hammered steel vessels are burned and treated with raw oils to achieve a smooth matte black finish. The Black Champaka candle, infused with woody champaka and floral, fruity notes, releases a resinous richness and spicy ambiance that is reminiscent of the fragrant streets of Bombay during monsoon season.

Notes: Champaka, fruits, resin

Net weight: 10.5oz 88% soy wax, 12% scent

Dimensions: 3" H x 3.25" W (with no lid)

Made in France