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Farmhouse Oval Platter by Sheldon Ceramics Desert Sage

Farmhouse Oval Platter by Sheldon Ceramics Desert Sage

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Our handmade stoneware platters offer a simple, timeless design. Perfect for showcasing your favorite meal or side dish. Handmade using stoneware clay, and glazed in our custom formulated Desert Sage glaze. The iron in the stoneware clay creates a speckled effect on the surface of the glaze, enhancing the one-of-a-kind quality that comes with handmade pottery.


18" long x 14" wide

***All of our glazes are formulated and mixed from scratch in our studio, and contain non-toxic, all natural, food safe materials.

Each piece is fired twice. The final firing is a cone 10 high reduction atmosphere. A cone 10 firing differs from the electric kilns and low firing techniques often used, and ensures each piece to be highly durable.

The final firing takes 24 hrs to reach the high temperatures necessary, requires precision and monitoring to ensure the kiln is heated evenly, and two days to cool.

We prefer this firing technique with all of our ceramics, to ensure our pieces can endure wear and tear, daily use, and avoid chipping. Our pottery is meant to be used and enjoyed daily. It's made to last you a lifetime!