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Potpourri Apothecaire Lava Rock Terre Noire

Potpourri Apothecaire Lava Rock Terre Noire

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Following in the footsteps of Mad et Len's distinguished, artisanally crafted candles - Mad et Len's potpourri features the brand's original, evocative scents that pay homage to earthly elements with scent-infused amber resin crystals. Housed in their distinguished vessels that are handmade of hammered steel and treated with raw oils to achieve a smooth matte black finish. The Terre Noire Resin Potpourri is infused with notes of primal damp earth, rich soil, ancient wood of petrified pines and aged oakwood, releasing an earthy aroma that hovers ever so beautifully in your space.

Notes: Primal Damp Earth Rich Soil Ancient Wood of Petrified Pines Aged Oakwood

Net Weight: 10.5 oz-Black Lava stones infused with fragrance - includes 50ml refill.

Made in France