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Puna 0214
Puna 0214 Puna 0214

Puna 0214

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Size: 67.7 x 76.7 in

Fibre: Argentinian sheep’s wool

Construction: Hand woven, traditional flat weave, medium thread

The Puna Collection has travelled from the salt flats and elevated plains of northern Argentina. The indigenous communities who inhabit the harsh Puna landscape live at high altitudes, isolated from the post-colonial way of life but deeply connected to Andean culture and Pachamama, ‘Mother Earth’. Rugs in the Puna Collection feature simple geometric shapes, repeated and arranged to create original patterns. Ethnic motifs often represent mountainscapes and ways of cropping the fields. Neutral panels with pops of bright colour are woven from a mix of sheep’s and llama’s wool, giving Puna rugs a soft, warm character.