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Tensira Throw with fringes

Regular price $98.00


Throw with fringes

Made with hand woven and hand dyed cotton in West Africa

Works as a throw or table cloth

Size - 49" x 63"

Since this item is indigo dyed, it's prone to crocking, or color transfer. We do not recommend this for use with white or light colored upholstery or bedding. 

Tensira's designs and crafts originate from Western Africa. The diversity and richness of patterns make each product unique. All their products are entirely handmade, under good and fair working conditions and their quality is excellent.

Through their fabrics, home linen, pottery, tiling and rattan furniture we hope you'll discover the elegance and delicacy of Western African crafts. While providing economic grouwth, environmental protection and social equity, they simultaneously offer modern designs combined with traditional know-how. Their vocation is to develop a long-lasting activity for the Western African craft communities and encourage an ecologically responsible mode of consumption.