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Vermont Large Colander Granite by Sheldon Ceramics

Vermont Large Colander Granite by Sheldon Ceramics

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Our rustic colander is hand thrown on the potter's wheel and hand carved with a delicate, functional design. Perfect for straining your favorite vegetables and pastas. This functional and decorative bowl can go from sink to table!

The body is a raw stoneware clay. A beautiful white glaze decorates the interior of the bowl, giving the piece a classic lightness of color. We mix all of our glazes in studio using all natural, non-toxic, lead-free materials.

Each bowl is fired twice. The final firing is a cone 10 high reduction atmosphere. This allows the piece to be highly durable, microwave and dishwasher safe.


approximately 9.75 " wide x 3.5“ deep

*Please note that all of our pieces are handmade, and may include slight variations.